Monday, February 13, 2017

OneThimble #14 - part 2

Today I'm showing off two more patterns included in One Thimble issue #14 (affiliate link). To start off, here's Loli by Bobkin Design. 

Loli is a sweet little sundress with an option to have buttons down the back. Another option included in this pattern is an elastic cassing at the back for a more snug fit. 

I used a cotton voile for this dress so I felt the need to line it. In lining the dress I was able to create more volume to the dress. 

Such a great staple for the summer, although for now, we're recovering from a huge snow fall, so its hard to imagine that the warm weather will be back soon. 

Next up is JubeJube wearing her new Trillium blouse by Petite Stitchery. This blouse was all about fabric placement. I love this fabric and had just enough left to make Trillium. 

The bodice leaves a lot of room for creativity. I added a decorative stitching but you could add lace or piping, or even a contasting fabric to make it you own. 

Different sleeve options and maxi dress are also included in this pattern. This is one you'll want to be making over and over again! 

Take a look at the other stops on the tour for more fun and inspiration! Don't forget to pick up your copy of One Thimble today! 








Until next time, xx.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

One Thimble #14

One Thimble 14 (affiliate link)  is out and with so much to see in this issue! One of Twig & Tale's patterns is featured in this issue and I just had to get up close with this one. 

While out friends in the southern hemisphere are enjoying their summer weather, I'm  knee deep in snow. When I saw the hottie cover by Twig & Tale I thought it would be the perfect project ot keep warm and cozy, especially after a full day of playing in the snow. The of of snuggling up in a blanket with a hot water bottle and a fun book appeals to the kiddos and me.

Three different animals are included with the pattern, the cat, panda bear and owl. They are all adorable! 

Since this project doesn't require much fabric I used what I had on hand, some off white terrycloth, and flannel for the facial features. I used a little Heatn' Bond to get the eyes and nose on. 

And that cute tail! ha! 

Here's a look at some of the other contributers to issue #14 of One Thimble. I'll be back in a couple of days with the patterns from Petite Stitchery and Bobkin Designs. Don't forget to pick up your copy of One Thimble today! 








Until next time, xx.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Everyday Essentials with EYMM for Valentine's Day

To be honest I was a little worried about how I was going to present the pattern on my blog. Wondering if I would be confident enough to do modeled photos of my new nigthgown. We all have our reservations about going out of our comfort zone, we all have our little imperfections that we wish to hide from the world but in the end it is what it is. Yes I have curves, and imperfections that I didn't have when I was 20 years old, but they are a part of me and they tell a story. Really so glad that I was able to show you modeled photos and jump out of my comfort zone on this one.   

This pattern is the Everyday Essential by EYMM (affiliate link). The pattern offers so many options and such a huge size range (xs-5xl) including different cups sizes so its easy to get a good fit. 

The fabric suggestions for a good support fit is a cotton lycra blend, but I wanted the soft flowing silkiness of a rayon blend which doesn't have the best recovery. My solution was to line the bra or bodice part, front and back, with a white 95% cotton 5% lycra knit and get the comfort and light weight feeling of the rayon knit.

I also wanted a girly look to this nightgown and so I went through my stash of elastic lace. Finally I found some matching fold over elastic for the armcye. I spent more time contimplating my fabric selection than I did sewing. The pattern is very easy to understand and I put most of the garment together using my serger.

I haven't had a nightgown in years, I could get used to feeling this girly and leave those old flannel PJ's behind.


Make sure to visit all the stops on the Valentine Essentials Blog Tour! (Keep in mind that the links below won't work until their scheduled date.)
Feb. 3 -Sewing by Ti
Feb. 4 - Joelle at EYMM
Feb. 10 - Roundup at EYMM
During the tour, the Everyday Essentials pattern is on sale for half off! Use code VDAYTOUR on the EYMM site to save 50% on the Women's Everyday Essentials pattern until February 12 at 11:59pm PST.

This blog contains affiliate links meaning I make a small commission if you click on the link and make a purchase through it at no extra cost to you. 
I received the pattern at no charge for the purpose of the tour but all opinions are my own.  

Sunday, January 29, 2017

La Courtepointe - Suite

La semaine de la courtepointe chez Pénélope - Machines à Coudre et Club Tissus tire à sa fin et j'ar promis de vous montrer le progrè de ma courtepointe avant la fin de la semaine.

Heureusement que ce n'est pas une course de vitesse mais une pratique en précision et patience.

Le nom du patron est Single Wedding Ring. J'ai monté mon premier bloc avant même d'avoir terminé de tailler mes morceaux, j'avais hâte de voir le résultat et combien de temps pour monter un bloc et de connaitre le degré de difficulté. Chaque bloc de 30 centimètres contient 32 triangles et 9 carrés. Plus il y a des morceaux plus qu'il a des chances de faire des erreurs.

Vous avez constater que je ne me suis pas rendu très loin dans l’assemblage.

Si la courtepointe vous intéresse mais que vous trouvez que le projet est un peu ambitieux  à essayer seul vous pouvez vous inscrire aux cours offerts chez Pénélope. Les professeurs ont des conseils et des techniques pour vous aider a partir du bon pied.

À bientôt!


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Semaine de la Courtepointe

Pendant longtemps j'ai admiré les courtepointes de ma grand-mère et de mon arrière grand-mère...assemblées à la main, piquées à la main et faits de retailles de vêtements. Aujourd'hui on a des outils et des techniques pour nous aider à créer des pièces d'arts mais la base est la même.

Prenez le temps de découvrir la base et de développer une passion pour la courtepointe.
Pour la semaine de la courtepointe chez Pénélope - Machines a Coudre et Club Tissus il y aura des activités, séminaires et démonstrations à tous les jours! Voici un aperçu de l'horaire à St-Hubert et à Sherbrooke.

Pour le cours initiation à la courtepointe (le 29 janvier,2017), vous pouvez créer un jolie rag quilt et encore plus amusant c'est un cours qui se fait à deux! Réservez votre place chez Pénélope! Les kits de carreaux sont pré-taillés et ils sont disponibles chez Club Tissus pour 19.99$ (prix membre).

Un aperçu de ce que vous allez voir au séminaire de règles pour le piquage libre créatif, n'oublier pas de vous inscrire chez Penelope!   

Plus tard cette semaine je vais vous montrer mon progrès sur mon projet de courtepointe. Je vais vous avouer que ce n'est pas toujours facile de faire arriver les coins, hahaha.

Amusez vous et à bientôt!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party with Petite Stitchery & Co.

Its been a bit of a busy season for me, but how can I resist sewing up another Rosemary by Petite Stitchery & Co. especailly since Amelia has been begging me for one ever since JubeJube has hers...that I posted about here. I don't do ugly Christmas very well, but the Rosemary I did make does have what I think look like snowflakes and an upcycled button.

Read to the end, there's a giveaway and a linky party! 

The main fabric is a joggers fleece from my stash that I've been wanting to used to make myself a sweater (we all know I won't get one now, heeeheee) and the collar is Your Heart Pure by Art Gallery Fabrics that I got for this project at my local shop.
The only part of this Rosemary that I lined was the collar seeing that the main was quite think and little Amelia would have over heated in it. 

This button was in my stash it was removed from a jacket that I had made several years back and just loved all the different levels of pink in it. 

Without the lining this sweater really goes together quickly so if you have a last minute gift to make, this one is a little life saver...Saves you from going out, AND who doesn't like a sweater with a comfy collar to keep warm this time of year! 

Don't forget to link up your version of the Ugly Sweater in the linky party! Also don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway! 

Tuesday  12/20 

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Thursday  12/22

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Friday, November 25, 2016

Découvrir la Broderie à la Machine

Depuis quel que jours, j'ai occasion de m'amuser! Je m'amuse avec un beau logiciel de broderie et j'adore avoir plus de possibilité de créer des vêtements et autres articles beaucoup plus personnalisés.

Le logiciel donc j'ai l’opportunité d'utilisé et le 6D Embroidery Extra version française! Il est maintenant disponible chez Pénélope - Machines à Coudre avec une super belle réduction de 55%.

I've been having fun with this embroidery program. Really! And honestly I can't even fanthom all the possibilities. 

The program is 6D Embroidery Extra...its on sale right now at Penelope-Machines à Coudre, you can even order it online! 

Il me reste encore beaucoup a découvrir a propos des fonctions du logiciel  mais pour l'instant je suis capable d'aller chercher des image sur l'internet et d'ajuster l'image selon mon cerceau de broderie de la machine a coudre BrotherLB6810. Je peux aussi changer les couleurs que souhaite utiliser.

J'ai commencée par me trouver un image assez simple.

I still have a lot to learn, but I'm able to get images off the internet, format the image to fit my embroidery hooop in a BrotherLB6810, and I can also change the colors I want for my little project.

I started out with a simple image.

Ensuite j'ai ajouté le petite nom d'Amelia, il y a plusieurs choix de lettrage et voila!

Then added Amelia's name...Oh by the way, there are many of fonts to choose from already in the program....and there you have it!

Je vais avouer que je me suis un peu perdu dans les explications (je ne suis pas toujours douée avec les ordinateurs) mais j'ai réussi! Lorsqu'on a appris la marche a suivre pour aller chercher les images et de formater c'est même très facile de créer de belles petites touches a nos projets.

I'm going to admit, I got lost with the explanations (computers are not always my friend, but we get along more every day) and I got through it. Once you learn what steps to follow to get your image and to format it actually is really easy to add a special little touch of cuteness to your porjects. 

Une petite décoration pour la fenêtre de la chambre d'Amelia.
Je crois que je vais avoir des heures de plaisir... exploiter, découvrir et créer.

So here it is, my first project using machine embroidery is finished, I made a bunting for Amelia's window.
I know I'm going to have hours of fun with this...exploring everything that can be done and just creating! 

A bientot, xx.

Until next time, xx.